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We pride ourselves in the artistically enriching programs curated for all artists in the country across a variety of art disciplines.


PAL Live

Performances After Lunch is a platform run by Kenya Cultural Centre incorporating Kenya National Theatre (KCC-NT). The main aim of PAL is to identify, develop and nurture artists’ talent through capacity building, networking and partnerships. As a platform, PAL’s vision is to develop artists for social-economic stability. It is important to note that PAL not only focuses on spoken word but also integrates other types of performances. PAL has been quite successful in nurturing and supporting youths in gaining networks to showcase their talents through performances on mainstream media channels. In ensuring talent spotting, mentorship, and continuous growth, PAL often gives preference to first timers (New Comers).


PAL has been attracting youths from all over Kenya, other African countries and even from outer continents. Currently, PAL has created 10 Satellite platforms in 10counties i.e. Lodwar, Narok, Kisumu, Embu, Meru, Busia, Nakuru, Kilifi, Kakamega and Mombasa.

The event happens in every satellite on different days of the week to enable youths to share their thoughts regarding social issues through art. In Nairobi, it happens every Thursday from 1 pm to 5 pm.

This event happens every last Thursday of the month. An excelling artist is featured to exhibit performance skills during the event to prepare for PAL Awards and inspire upcoming artists.

This event happens annually to celebrate and award the excellence of selected PAL artists.

This event happens annually and brings together all the satellites to celebrate PAL’s milestones and get re-energized to pursue PAL’s goals and objectives.



The Kenya International Theatre Festival is a joint program run together with the Kenya International Theatre Festival Trust. At KITFest, we not only celebrate theatre but experience the culture, connect with people and indulge in adventure! The festival provides a platform to showcase Kenyan theatre to the world and stimulate artists & audiences by bringing international theatrical performances to Kenya. The festival is geared towards a celebration of outstanding performances and productions while promoting diverse cultural practices and inclusion – girdled by the rich local art, travel and tourism.


International performers Local professional performers Local trainee performers University/College performers High School performers Related performing arts (Poetry, dance, spoken word, storytelling) Theatre training and Workshops

#KITFest2022 is scheduled from 1st to 13th November 2022 at The Kenya National Theatre. The County Editions begin earlier in October, all culminating at the two-week-long festival in Nairobi featuring amazing performances and activities both on and off stage.



In its mandate to provide for discourse on matters of literary, historical, scientific or educational interest or importance, the Kenya Cultural Centre incorporating Kenya National Theatre (KCC-NT) conceptualised the Performing Arts Conference which brings together different art stakeholders for exchange on the current state and future of art.

Under the theme “Decolonization, intercultural collaboration and social disruption”, the 1st Performing Arts Conference was held from 22nd – 24th February 2022 to engineer discourse in the scholarship and practice of music and theatre arts. The conference took place at the Kenya National Theatre. It brought together performing artists, academia, government agencies, development partners and practitioners to discuss issues on the growth of performing arts in Kenya as well as benchmark with other countries by receiving international presentations on the state of performing arts from across the world.


With the success of #ArtsCon1, KCC-NT aims at having the conference annually. Dates for the second Performing Arts Conference (#ArtsCon2) will be released soon. Look out for our press releasses, social media and website for updates.

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