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African culture is incredibly interesting, depending on which country you visit. The continent is home to diverse populations, many of which have been influenced by external factors

Kenya Cultural Centre…Home of Art
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KCC History

The Kenya Cultural Centre was founded in 1952. It is a semi autonomous government agency under the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts in Kenya Read More…

Platform Booking

Kenya Cultural Center is the premier best known Space and Platform in Kenya View more…​

KCC Events

Don’t Miss These Upcoming Plays…..

KCC History

Photo Gallery is half fun half amazing, view the best experience at KCC World.


To be a distinguished international Centre for cultural reference, creative expression and
cultural contribution to the Kenyan economy.


To establish the Kenya Cultural Centre as the national center for the safeguarding, promotion and development of culture.

Core Values

Operation and service delivery via(G.U.I.D.E.):
• Good Governance, including professionalism
• Uprightness, including transparency and accountability
• Inclusiveness
• Diversity
• Equity

Our Mandate

A world-class national center for cultural reference, expression and industry

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