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RODGERS LIAMBIRA is a professional tour guide. Nonetheless, his deep calling in theatre, as an Actor, Director, Producer and a Script Writer prompted him to be the founder of ARROW ENTERTAINMENT, and Co-founder THE BLINK THEATRE based in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County.

His journey in theatre is traced back in the year 2011 when he joined Bulimbo Talent Academy based in Kakamega County. He later relocated to Eldoret where he joined a Travelling Theatre, (THE EMAC ENSEMBLE) as an actor. He advanced his skills in Stage Plays directing at the Ensemble where he would adopt the set texts and direct them. He found the directing as a beautiful adventure hence has become his full time job.

He holds a strong belief in the power of collaboration with like-minded individuals. As a result, he has worked on different projects under his belt and with different production houses. Some of this productions include; Speaking Rights; Heaven’s Short Changed Me; Where Is My Gold; A Kiss of Death; Trapped; Caretaker; Shadows in My Soul; Paint My Pain; Secrets; P3… among others

His recent theatre play, is the “WORLD TWISTED” the first TWO HANDER to be staged in Eldoret. He wrote the play, produced and acted in it. He implored and explored his creative imagination by combining monologues with spoken word poetry to relay a very powerful message on Mental Health.  Josiah Kiprop, Producer Champions Production, directed the play. Futhermore, he featured Eldoret’s finest spoken word artist, Canisias Nzioki, TAP (ThArt Afriqan Poet) as he is popularly known by his stage name.


Most renowned for his works as a playwright and director, Kigondu is also an adept actor, producer, podcaster and filmmaker. Described in the dailies as arguably one of Kenya’s finest theatre brains (Daily Nation, Oct 2017), Kigondu thrives in the expanse of theatre and storytelling. His most recent productions as an actor include: leading as ‘Kaggia’ in John Sibi Okumu’s play by the same title (2020), playing the iconic ‘Gicaamba’ in Ngugi wa Thiong’os – I will Marry When I want (2022), voicing Dedan Kimathi in The Sounds of Freedom (2021) by Fiction Entertainment and playing Franklin Murumbi (among other roles) in a one person performance – Supernova (2022) which Kigondu also wrote, directed and produced under the Prevail Presents Company.

As a screen actor, his most recent appearances were as a Police boss in the final two seasons of Rueben Odanga’s TV show Selina (2021 – 22) and short films such as – Contained (2020), Peter Kawa’s – Reel Time, Alice Kombani’s two short films – Comeback (2020) and The Revolu… (the second of which he also wrote). At the Phoenix Player’s, where he worked across seven years (2009 – 2015), starting in stage management, thriving in acting and leaving as a director – he was noted for his profound choices in directing; staging plays such as ‘Skirmishes’ (2015), ‘Angels Never Die’ (2015) and ‘Staircase’ (2015) among others. Further, as an actor at the Phoenix, he featured and at times led in numerous productions and plays such as; The Last Convict by Joseph Murungu directed by Millicent Ogutu (2011), Duets directed by Nick Njache (2014), Plautus’ The Brothers Menaechmus (2010), In the Eyes of a Stranger directed by Gilbert Lukalia (2012), Backlash by Cajetan Boy (2013), Perfect Wedding by Robin Hawdon (2014) among others.

Kigondu has also worked with The Theatre Company of Kenya (2014 – 2016), as an actor and later associate director. While there, plays in which he featured in – included the one person performance of Dario Fo’s ‘St. Francis and the wolf of Gubbio’ directed by Keith Pearson and ‘Love Bites’ which he also wrote and co-directed, both as parts of ‘Love Chats’(2016).

Kigondu’s journey as an actor might explain his brilliance as a craftsman, seeing that he started lifting heavy stage work as an actor quite early, in projects such as; leading as Waiyaki (and playing a first person narrator at the same time) in the adaptation of Ngugi wa Thiong’os – The River Between at the National Theatre directed by Victor Ber (2009). He also played the enigmatic ‘Odie’ in John Ruganda’s in travelling performances by Veronica Mwaura (2010) and much earlier doing Shakespeare (Lorenzo in The Merchant of Venice – 2008) and also leading as Martin Were in Marjorie Oludhe’s – Coming To Birth both directed by Gilbert Lukalia among other School set texts (then) / travelling performances.

Today, besides having an impressive resume as a thespian, Kigondu is also a budding filmmaker. He continues to produce projects under Prevail Presents with his long time cinematography collaborator – Jackson Kang’ethe. The pair have put out short films such as Sand Castles (2019), Contained (2020), and Gatarashaine (2020) among others, which Kigondu wrote, directed and produced. Kigondu and his team are currently (2022) in pre-production for what is set to be his first feature film – a screen adaptation of Kigondu’s stage play ‘Matchstick Men’.

His works and skill as a writer have seen characters come alive on stage and screen. His most recent screenwriting credits include the feature film Antisocial (2022) and episodes in the first season of the upcoming Mnet TV show ‘County 49’ both by Kibanda Pictures. With a good number of short film writing credits under his belt, Kigondu has also penned music videos. Collaborating with artists such as Filah Tuju, Derek Mwenesi among others over the years, Kigondu’s most recent music video writing project is Checkmate Mido’s – Flow (2021).

Even after handling several screenwriting projects. It seems that theatre is where Kigondu is most prolific. His credits as playwright cover works from mature to young audiences. Plays written by Kigondu include the ‘What Happens’ trilogy – What Happens at Dusk (2016), What Happens In the Night (2017), as the audiences wait for the third card of the politically driven plays. Kigondu’s other plays include Love Bites (2016), Matchstick Men (2017), Of cords and Discord (2018), Supernova (2022) – all for mature audiences covering heavier themes. His plays for younger audiences include Box of Crayons (2019), Faster than the Wind (2014), A Tiny Kingdom (2018), Ask my Shoe (2015), Run Riziki Run! (2022) among others. He even has a play writing credit of a play within a film – ‘Christmas Love’ in Peter Kawa’s film by the same title (2021).

An alumnus of the Canadian Director’s Lab North, Kigondu is a speech and performance tutor and a podcaster. He is one-half of the Busy Being Born Podcast, where he and his co-founder and co-host Kamande Wambui host brilliant African minds, talents and perspectives. 

Kigondu staged SUPERNOVA, a one-person performance he has written and performed at the Kenya National Theatre on 1st June 2022.


Born and raised in Nairobi Peter Tosh is a renowned God fearing script writer, actor, and a stage play director. Peter kicked off his career back in 2003 as an actor and can be described as one of the greatest actors of his time. Among stage plays he featured include Cuff and crooks,Dangling doger, Katiba.

Later he transformed into a script writer which was motivated by him wanting to tell stories that touch on family, relationship and civil set up in our society.

In 2009 Peter Tosh formed his own production company named Liquid Arts Entertainment a name he traces back to his urge to produce shows each and every person in a family set up can watch and enjoy.

Under the company Mr. Tosh nurtures great talent through his talent academy in which an individual undergoes six weeks intensive training; after that they are given an opportunity to perform on Liquid Arts Entertainment stage plays.

In the course of his career one of the key challenges he has faced include inadequate finances in running his production company and as such calls for partnership with different organization and reminds them that art mirrors what is happening in our society and they can always use art to inspire change they want in the society.

Among his greatest achievements include having been able to stage 84 plays at Kenya National Theatre (KNT) hence encourage each and every artist to keep on pressing and to remember that consistency beat passion and passion beats talent. Further he has been nominated in the just concluded Kenya Theatre Awards which saw him scoop the best theatre group award of the year 2021 title.


Described as a hidden gem on the rise, Orina Brian Christopher, a man of few words with energy that is an unmatched on the theatre stage, gives life to characters in the most profound way. Be it in writing, directing or acting his passion for art has seen him thrive in the corridors of theatre.

From the humble beginnings of the drama club in Nairobi school to the hall ways of Kenyatta University and now in Multi-Media University, Orina Brian has left no stone unturned. He has acted in a several plays like The musical “Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat” which was staged in Nakuru players theater, “The mirage” in the drama festivals and at Alliance Française, “Roses of Blood” at the Kenya National theatre and “Dead Men” in Kenyatta University Harambee Hall and also at Kenya National Theatre.

With this experience he started his own company “Journal of Orina” in 2019 which has seen him produce plays such as ‘Excomminicado’ which was staged at Nakuru Players Theater, “And Justice for all” produced and performed at KU and Nairobi Cinema under KITFEST. The year 2021 saw the making of , “Heart of Euphoria” & “Men of Ambition Part 1” both produced at the Kenya national theatre and were both nominated in various categories at the Kenya Theatre awards including Best playwright.

A curious man with the heart of an explorer, 2022 has seen him test the waters in collaborations with other production houses. February 25th to 27th saw the staging of ICHOR which was produced in collaboration with Nyakagwa Mahaga co., coming soon in March 26-27th, The people VS him, In collaboration with Minefields. Alot can be said about Orina Brian but one thing will always remain a fact, whenever he leaves stage, his name will always echo out in the realm of thespians for the powerhouse brand that he is.