The Kenyan Cultural Centre Spaces & Platforms

Ukumbi Mdogo

Dance Choreography
Stylized Movement
Music and Puppetry

Formerly known as "Concert Hall", this space functions as the Centre's Laboratory site for performative creations. Experimental works in Drama, Dance Choreography, Stylized Movement, Music and Puppetry are often tried and concretized here. Workshops on Creative Skills Enhancement as well Discourses on the Arts, Culture and Society are also held in this space.

Due to its flexibility, Ukumbi Mdogo is also often transformed into a miniature auditorium with sitting capacity of 150 patrons spread both on its ground floor area and cozy upstairs balcony.

It is fitted with a raised stage, open wooden floor parkee, 2 backstage performers' Dressing Rooms fitted with supportive washrooms. Moveable lighting and sound fixtures are rigged into the space for ease of adaptation to creative processes.

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