Inaugural Exhibition of Contemporary Kenyan Art in London

Visions & Possibilities

28 November – 6 December 2023

An exhibition by emerging contemporary Kenyan artists, in collaboration with Kenya Cultural Centre and the Kenya High Commission

Kenya Cultural Centre together with the Kenya High Commission in London are proud to present the Inaugural Exhibition of Contemporary Kenyan Art in London, themed Kenyan Artists: Visions & Possibilities, culminating in the Jamuhuri Day Celebrations in early December. The exhibition aims to support the professional development of young underrepresented Kenyan visual artists while positioning Kenya as a global contender in contemporary visual arts.

Emerging from a continent steeped in a rich and captivating history, set against an awe-inspiring natural backdrop, our exhibiting artists—all under 35—offer their unique perspectives on a rapidly evolving era. 

Hailing from diverse backgrounds and wielding an array of innovative styles, techniques, and materials, they expertly capture the heartbeat of contemporary Kenya. Their work invites us into a captivating dialogue about the nation’s emerging visions and possibilities. 

These artists deftly craft new identities through a people-centred approach, delving into portraiture and the intricacies of the human form. Skilled storytellers, they focus on human connections and interactions with their surroundings, conveying this through vibrant colours and patterns rooted in their rich cultural heritage. They capture the vibrancy of youth, challenging values and questioning social constructs. For these artists, ‘art is the medium through which they express their boundless creativity.’

Exhibiting artists include Anne Onyango, Brian Kimani, Chesta Nyamosi, Clinton Odhiambo, Cynthia Ngunjiri, Denis Cheruiyot, Eugene Kimotho, Henry Nyagudi, Lein Brian, Mark Maganga, Melissa Joe, Quinter Achieng, Ron Enoch, Sharon Ekonge, Simon Marui, Stephen Ogallo, Ted Mwaniki and Clara Chebet. 

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