70th Anniversary


Thanks for obliging to the invitation of KCC @70 Celebrations

KCC-NT is a statutory institution established by the Kenya Cultural Centre Act Cap 218 of 1951. The first project undertaken by the Centre was building of The Kenya National Theatre as a facility for theatre performances. The National Theatre, christened “the Shrine” by thespians and theatre performers in the country, was the very first national theatre among many planned for constructions within British colonies worldwide.

The Kenya National Theatre eventually opened for operations in 1952. It is now 70 years since the Kenya Cultural Centre incorporating the Kenya National Theatre (KCC-NT) opened for operations. Since its establishment, many performances, artists, audiences and stories have registered their long-lasting impressions within the serene ambience of the Centre.

Notably, on 8th April, 2022 vide Gazette Notice No. 3837; a Taskforce to review the Kenya Cultural Centre Act was established, appointing members to undertake a review of the Kenya Cultural Centre Act. The Taskforce has been gathering views and input of experts with an aim of developing a draft bill. We shall endeavour to make the Act review process as consultative as possible through receiving memoranda, views, and validation by stakeholders at various stages in reviewing the Act. The Act review is a great milestone and we are optimistic that it will enhance and effectively respond to the current needs of this creative and cultural space.

As such, we are thrilled to invite you to celebrate with us the 70th anniversary since the Centre’s inception. The celebrations will officially begin on 1st July 2022 with activities and engagements, both at the Centre and within the country that will culminate into a grand ceremony on 3rd November 2022. This occasion will provide a special opportunity for enhanced public awareness of KCC-NT’s milestones, its mandate, as well as the need to support the creative industries and cultural sector.

The scheduled activities/engagements include but are not limited to erecting branded posters, banners, roll-ups of the KCC @70 within the compound, launching a recording studio at the Kenya National Theatre, launching an online ticketing platform; theatre.co.ke, launching a revamped website, commissioning of a theatrical production to be staged on 3rd November 2022 and later tour the country until 30th June 2023 and hold a PAL Festival incorporating all PAL satellites.

KCC-NT will keep you informed on the activities/engagements during the anniversary celebrations. May we keep on inspiring cultural connections through our talents and in our day-to-day activities. Once again, I welcome you to the KCC-NT 70th anniversary celebrations.

Michael Pundo


Mr. Pundo is the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Cultural Centre. His major role is to provide strategic leadership and oversee the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes that achieve the Centre’s mandate, goals, objectives and agreed performance targets.


Holds a Bachelor of Education (Arts), a cultural leadership certificate from Africa Arts Institute (AFAI), South Africa, an expert in Ethnic Policy and Practice, a Certificate in Conflict and Disaster Management and is currently finalising an MSc in Conflict Resolution and Management.


He has long-standing experience in cultural management and administration. Has spearheaded the organisation of various festivals and cultural exchange programmes both nationally and internationally. He is a performing artist, theatre director and trainer.

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